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Year 7 & 8

Weapons, Choices & Consequences

Session: 100 minutes


This session is designed to help young people understand how gang membership is correlated with becoming a perpetrator or victim of knife crime and why weapons intended to protect are liable to endanger.


The session looks at the choices young people make when carrying and using a knife and how gang membership significantly reduces the freedom you have to say "No". It also looks at the consequences of non-fatal knife injuries and the broader impact of fatal injuries to those close to the victim.


After this programme students will:

  • Identify why gang members are more likely to be a victim of knife crime and why they are also more likely to carry and use knives

  • Recognise why carrying a knife does not offer protection or respect

  • Recognise the consequences of stabbing someone and understand that there is no safe place to stab someone

  • Understand the doctrine of joint enterprise



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