We are now delivering workshops in-class again and adhering to government guidelines on social distancing. 

We will provide extensive safeguarding support to the teachers and schools that we work with. 

Growing Against Violence (GAV) provides evidence-based public health and public safety education and training. The Workshops provide dynamic life skills and violence resistance education and training to support safe and enabling school environments.


GAV aims to prevent youth violence and protect young people against exploitation by gangs and grooming both online and face-to-face. The Workshops are targeted at students 9 to 15 years old, who are at the ‘reachable moment’ before secondary interventions are required. 


We deliver the Workshop to all students in a single year group, thereby helping to develop a ‘herd’ resistance and the positive peer pressure needed to reject violence and the negative norms and value associated with it.


The primary prevention initiative has four key goals:

To reduce the appeal of violence amongst young people

To improve confidence of young people in the police

To provide a safe space for young people to disclose violent victimisation

To be the information hub on violence for schools, young people, professionals, parents and communities


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