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We have developed a new hybrid model to support remote delivery to adhere to social distancing. We will be updating our website with new information regularly. We will continue to uphold our learning standards and safeguarding measures while using digital technology to continue supporting our schools and communities.

For information and booking on all our workshops, please contact our Operations Manager, Martin, at 

How to book a workshop
Funding Options


  • The local Authority (LA) provide funding to various schools for our workshops, and if you’re eligible, these schools will not be charged directly for our services. Prioritised schools include Primary, Secondary and Pupil Referral Units, (PRU’s). Unfortunately schools cannot apply for LA funding directly.

  • We also apply for funding from other organisations including The Home Office, London Community Foundation, MOPAC to enhance the delivery footprint and offer the ‘free’ workshops to other areas.​

  • Schools that are not lucky enough to be on a borough where delivery is funded, they will need to pay the costs of the facilitator.

  • The following information is optional – and we could put in a separate page called – Schools Delivery Model (currently suspended)


  • We will send a facilitator/s to meet the needs of the school and are at the school all day.

  • We send two facilitators for each PRU and College sessions. This is due to H&S requirements of our staff and consideration for an older group of students in colleges.

  • The school needs to arrange accommodation and ensure we can deliver throughout the day. The school will need to secure the attendance of teachers.

  • Our sessions last approximately 90-120 minutes, they do roll over if the school timetable allow.

  • Year groups are not mixed due to age appropriate content.

  • We may include parent sessions at a school on the day if appropriate.

Delivery Options
What you need to do (the school)


  • Teachers, or a teaching assistant must attend throughout the session.

  • Schools must provide appropriate accommodation to deliver the sessions.

  • Student behaviour is the responsibility of the teacher alone; they will be expected to deal with any disruptive/unruly behaviour in the class.

  • IT resources must be available to plug in a laptop or desktop PC that allows both visual and sound for the class.

  • We request feedback at the end of each session and we provide feedback forms.


  • Facilitators arrive at 8.30 and complete relevant admin, review DBS certifications and sign-in.

  • They then meet the school contact who will provide them with a timetable of activity and ensure classes have been nominated.

  • Facilitators then set-up and deliver the first session to a class of up to 30 students. Whilst delivering the facilitator will liaise with the school teacher, observe any behaviour, take disclosures and obtain both student and teacher feedback. 

  • The facilitator will report any disclosure to the safeguarding lead prior to leaving the school.

  • An evaluation report is then completed re the student/teacher and facilitator feedback that day and sent to Operations (via email) for review. 

What happens on the day


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