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Year 7 & 8

As our young people grow and develop, so does the GAV curriculum. Our workshops cover a range of topics for Years 7 through to Year 11. We explore myths and realities of what it is really like being part of a gang, the consequences of choosing to carry a weapon and for the older students adjustments in attitudes in how we treat each other tackling misogynistic behaviours and defining true consent. This workshop supports the Violence Against Women Strategy (VAWG).

YEAR 7 & 8

Myths & Realities

This workshop is designed to identify and challenge the main pull factors that drive gang recruitment so that young people are better placed to make informed decisions.

YEAR 7 & 8

Weapons, Choices
& Consequences

This workshop is designed to help young people understand how gang membership is correlated with becoming a perpetrator or victim of knife crime.

Myths & Realities
Weapons, Choices & Consequences


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