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Year 7 & 8

Myths & Realities

Session: 100 minutes


This session is designed to identify and challenge the main 'pull factors' that drive gang recruitment so that young people are better placed to make informed decisions as to whether they themselves will become gang involved.

The session looks at the exploitative nature of gangs in order to dispel gang 'mythology'. This is important as it helps to undermine the reputations of gangs and gang members so that the vast majority of young people can collectively reject gang culture in order to create positive peer pressure.

The session also seeks to increase the confident of young people in the police.



After this programme students will:

  • Understand the consequences of gangs; for individuals within gangs, for their families and for the wider community

  • Be able to identify/define what a gang is and how it is distinct from a peer group

  • Critically examine the reasons why people join gangs and separate some of the myths from the realities of life in a gang.


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