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Parents & Family

Session: 90 minutes


We will be exploring issues relating to social media, sexting, online grooming, gangs, serious youth violence and conversations relating to sex and sexuality.


The session celebrates the fact that the vast majority of young people lead positive lives, but also promotes active parental engagement, boundary setting, and the importance of collaboration and communication between families, schools, and communities to end gang and serious youth violence.


  • To educate parents, carers and family members about how gangs work; focusing on how they recruit, groom and exploit children

  • To raise awareness of the role of girls within gang culture and how they are particularly vulnerable to exploitation

  • To raise awareness of how gangs promote and brand themselves on social mediate and the risks social media poses to all young people.



  • Identify the risk factors that may indicate a young person is involved in gangs and gang culture

  • Identify why a young person wishes to join a gang and the 'push' and 'pull' factors of gang association


  • To highlight the issues, roles and risks for girls associated with the gang culture

  • To promote active parental engagement, boundary setting and the importance of collaboration between families, schools and communities

  • To highlight referral pathways for young people affected by gang association and increase knowledge of the available support organisations that exist.


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