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Secondary Schools - Online Tutorial

Friend vs. Friendly

Video: 14 minutes

This is an interactive video for young people in Secondary School, Year 7 and above including parents. 

It is 14 minutes long and can be viewed by a young person on their own or with a parent to assist in conversations and complete some of the exercises. 

You can stop and start the video where and when you want to think/discuss a point or complete the exercise.  

The video provides age appropriate awareness of the dangers associated with online 
activity that include -

  1. Determining who is a true friend 

  2. What is Remote mothering 

  3. Oversharing of information 

  4. Grooming and 

  5. Sexting 

You will need a pen and paper to help you complete. 

The video signposts referral pathways to relevant organisations that can provide assistance.


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