Preventing and protecting young people from gangs and grooming - on the streets and online


Growing Against Violence (GAV) is a charity that aims to prevent youth violence and protect young people against exploitation by gangs and grooming both on the streets and online.  We deliver age appropriate workshops into schools and colleges for both pupils and teachers.


Our workshops are designed by leading professionals and experts across business, academia, public policy, including Dr Lyttle Storrod, an award-winning teacher and researcher who centres social justice and civic engagement.

In these workshops, we address the root causes of violence, and work on keeping young people out of gangs, exploitative peer-on-peer relationships and away from antisocial behaviour. 



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Our curriculum begins in Year 5, where we explore the risks of social media. The students can build upon this in year 6 where our workshop works and builds upon a definition of a true friend versus someone who is out to exploit the young person for criminality. A relevant workshops for young people who are soon heading off to high school.

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As our young people grow and develop, so does the GAV curriculum. Our workshops cover a range of topics for years 7 through to year 11. We explore myths and realities of what it is really like being part of a gang, the consequences of choosing to carry a weapon and for the older students adjustments in attitudes in how we treat each other tackling misogynistic behaviours and defining true consent. This workshop supports the Violence Against Women Strategy (VAWG).


These workshops can be delivered as a whole or tailored to your needs under the four headings of Child Sexual Exploitation, Social Media, Protection and Serious Youth violence. They are designed to help Parents and Professionals identify red flags in a young person’s behaviour, where to go and what to do about them. They also celebrate the fact that most young people develop and grow to lead positive lives.