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Further Education & College Students

Knife Crime

Session: 90 minutes


This 90-minute session critically explores knife crime from the perspective of young adults in Further Education settings. Discussions raise awareness of the causation and impact of the growing knife crime epidemic. Students explore why people stab: whether this be through fear, for financial gain, for protection, through criminal exploitation by gangs, as a result of the drug supply or for retaliation.

This session makes it clear that a wide range of people are affected by knife crime and how it devastates the lives of young people, their families and the professionals who work with young people. Students will hear a real-life testimony of a gang member speaking candidly about the perils of the lifestyle and the horror of being stabbed, including the impact is has on the victim's mental health.

The session looks at the role of social, print and digital media in serious youth violence. it also explores the legal doctrine of 'Joint Enterprise' to highlight young people's vulnerability to being prosecuted and convicted due to the actions of others they associate with.


  • To educate young adults of the impact of knife crime and why it occurs, to empower them to reject a growing 'knife culture'.

  • To seek to reduce young people's vulnerability to being a victim or perpetrator of knife crime by educating on the doctrine of Joint Enterprise

  • To provide a safe place for young adults vulnerable to peer-on-peer victimisation to make disclosures to GAV facilitators or faculty staff


  • Raise awareness about the causation and effects of the growing knife epidemic

  • Explore the relationship young people have with their surroundings and how they perceive the knife crime epidemic in the UK

  • De-myth commonly held belief that there are safe places on a person's body to stab someone

  • Students to consider the consequences of association with people who they know to be violent and involved in conflict through educating young people on the legal doctrine of Joint Enterprise

  • To identify what can lead to prosecution



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